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Break free from uncertainty, discover clarity, and embrace fulfillment through the transformative power of solution-focused life coaching.

1:1 Coaching: Services


8-week 1:1 Coaching Program

This quickstart program is the perfect foray into coaching if you’ve never experienced its magic before. I will help you shape a specific, short term goal tailored to a career or lifestyle change you want to make. Together, we’ll develop an implementation plan that will offer you key, tangible steps to take in order to successfully achieve your goal. The intention of these 8 weeks is to spark awareness and create momentum toward positive change.

8 weekly 60-minute Coaching Sessions

$1595 (payment plan available)


6-month 1:1 Coaching Program

You sense that your life is out of balance. Whether you are feeling disconnected with those you love most, frazzled by work, or guilty about wanting more for yourself, you know you need to make a change, but you're unsure of where you should even begin.

You know you are meant to live a more present and fulfilling life, aligned to what matters most to you, but you struggle with figuring out who exactly you need to be to get there.

This program is for you if:

  • you are constantly reacting to what life throws at you

  • you are putting everyone else first and your own happiness on the back burner

  • you secretly WANT more but are afraid to declare the truth

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. It is okay if life is good and yet you want more. You are worthy of what you desire.

I will help you rediscover that powerful woman who's been waiting to tap into her true potential.

She's still in there.

I will help you fan the embers of your passions and revive the fire within your soul.

You'll learn how to maximize your strengths and activate a life path that lights you up.

You will ditch self-doubt and live a life on your own terms, one where your personal and professional interests are in perfect harmony.

You will build sustainable new habits that support a balanced, healthy and fulfilled life.

Embrace the true you within, and bring her to life with intention, purpose, and passion.

Rediscover the passionate multi-dimensional woman that you are.

24 weekly 60-minute Coaching Sessions

$4549 (payment plan available)



What Clients Are Saying

1:1 Coaching: Testimonials

Sarah-Beth has helped me to feel more empowered and in control of my life. I started working with her to be more intentional about my career – to better understand what truly motivates me to be my best self at work.  I would definitely recommend Sarah-Beth to anyone who is looking to get “unstuck” in their life. She makes you feel like you’ve got an ally in whatever challenge you’re tackling, and the level of motivation and accountability that comes from these conversations just can’t be achieved on your own.


Since Sarah-Beth and I began working together, I’ve grown more connected with my identity, my passions, and my needs. I feel like I’ve navigated through the haze of overwhelm and re-met my adult self. I’ve reconnected with what brings me joy and how I want to show up for myself, my family and my employer. Working with Sarah-Beth has been a true gift. She brings such warmth, candor, creativity and kindness to our sessions. I always walk away from our sessions lighter, clearer, more energized and, importantly, feeling so much less alone in this crazy act of motherhood.


Working with Sarah-Beth was wonderful. Not only was she incredibly thoughtful and purposeful during our sessions, I appreciated her recap of takeaways and action items after each call. Sarah-Beth brings a calmness and certainty to each session that allows you to feel at ease while also doing the work of digging in and uprooting what you may not have even known you needed to. I’m so grateful for my time working with Sarah-Beth as my coach.


60-minute Clarity Consult: the first call is always free

My goal for our first call together is to support you in getting crystal clear on your path forward, whether it involves me or not.

I'll help you determine what's holding you back from being a present mom/partner/friend, a confident professional, and a courageous woman who goes after her deepest desires. 

We'll explore what's most important to you and determine the changes you're looking to make in your life.

Together, we can determine the coaching offering that is the best fit for you.

By the end of the call, you'll have clarity on what YOU want and need to move forward and begin creating a life you haven't even dared to dream of yet... until today. 

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