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About Me: Welcome


I'm Sarah-Beth, a certified Mindset Coach for moms who want to end the tug-of-war between work and life, once and for all.

As a full-time working mom myself, I can relate to the constant struggle women face when it comes to balancing family life, passions and career.

After years of grappling with self-doubt, mom guilt and hustling for my worth, I realized that the most important person I needed to trust was myself, and so I decided to change my life from the inside out.

Now I support other women as they do the same, by helping them build the skills, apply the tools and develop the confidence they need to flourish at home and at work, without ever having to sacrifice one for the other- OR themselves- again.

About Me: About



  • ACC Certification, International Coaching Federation (2023)

  • Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Qualification (2022)

  • Mama Bliss Coach (2022)

  • Certified Resilience Coach (2021)


  • Master of Business Administration, University of Ottawa (2016)

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours), University of Ottawa (2007)

About Me: News and Tips


When our first amazing son came into this world, he became my world. I was completely in awe of this new little human, and was overwhelmed with the sense of deep responsibility to care for this tiny human being. I felt compelled to be his everything - to feed him, hold him, comfort him, care for him in the best way I possibly could, without question.

I was so fully consumed by learning about my new role that I struggled to fulfill my own needs and lost my sense of self. I pushed aside my own interests and passions, thinking that I was doing the right thing by putting my family first. I would pass up on doing something that I wanted because I’d feel guilty that I might miss an important moment, that my son might need me, or that I was neglecting him… but behind all of that mom guilt, I was unknowingly neglecting myself.  

It took me a while to realize how important it was to prioritize my well-being. I began to rebuild my self-care practices and redefine what was important to me. In parallel, I redefined my identity, explored what brought me joy and realigned to my authentic self. Through my gradual transformation into motherhood, I created supporting beliefs and guilt-free space to be the best mom I could be and yet still find the time to fill my own cup.



Returning to work after maternity leave felt like waking up from a really, really long sleep. I was so excited to get back into a groove, but at the same time, I felt groggy, disoriented, and slow to respond. It took me some time to flex those mental muscles and find my professional vocabulary again, a far cry from the daily gurgles and babbles I listened to for the past year.  I needed to completely re-orient myself to my career and what changed in my workplace while I was away.

I lost a lot of confidence in my own abilities. Even though my logical side acknowledged that it would take time to transition back into the workforce,  in reality, I wasn't giving myself that time. I was being too hard on myself, which resulted in intense waves of overwhelm, anxiety, and fatigue.

I had to reset expectations for myself, reconnect with my purpose, and better align my actions to my values. I celebrated all the additional skills and strengths I brought to my job, now that I was a working mom. I slowly but surely rebuilt my self-confidence by showing myself some compassion and being patient, yet persistent.

About Me: Services


My own experience becoming a mother, and then a working mother, was incredibly transformative. Throughout this journey, I've lost and regained my sense of self, I've reconstructed my identity, I've defined and aligned to my values, and I've harmonized work and life to create an ideal blend that maximizes my joy and fulfillment.

It continues to be a journey of exploration and growth!

And I'm here for it all.

I live in Ottawa, Canada, with my husband of 11 years, Chris, and our beautiful boys, Max (7) and Theo (3). Outside of my coaching business, I have a passion for all kinds of creativity, especially watercolour painting and writing, and I find bliss through fresh cut flowers, yoga, nature, and cheese.

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