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Certified Life Coach, Multi-Passionate HSP

As a highly sensitive person, I can relate to the constant struggle HSPs face when it comes to balancing sensitivity in a world that's always turned up to maximum volume.

After years of grappling with endless hustle, ignoring my own unique needs and experiencing cycles of stress and burnout, I discovered that my sensitivity wasn't a weakness, but an incredible strength waiting to be acknowledged.


I always felt a bit out of step with the world around me.

Noises were too loud, feelings too intense, and even small changes in my surroundings affected me a lot.

As a child, I was often labeled "too shy" or "too quiet" or "too weird" and I started to believe that something was wrong with me.

Over the years, I abandoned myself in order to fit in.


I followed the expected path to success: beautiful family, a loving husband, a robust education, an impressive career... and all the material things in life I could ever ask for.

On the outside, my life ticked off all of the boxes that should have yielded total happiness and fulfillment. 

But on the inside?

I felt inauthentic, exhausted and unfulfilled, which caused so much guilt and shame.

But the more I kept dismissing my inner truth, the louder it became.

It was at a rock bottom moment, feeling overwhelmed and burnt out in the working motherhood trenches, that I stumbled on a life-changing revelation: I was a highly sensitive person.

Reading "Quiet" by Susan Cain catalyzed my path to self-discovery.

Realizing I was an HSP unraveled years of confusion. It wasn't a flaw; it was a distinctive trait—a sensitivity that gifted me with deep empathy, keen observation, and emotional depth.

I learned to set boundaries and take care of myself without feeling guilty. I made spaces in my life where I could relax and find peace away from all the overwhelming stuff.

Navigating life as an HSP meant reconnecting with my Inner Compass to rewrite my definition of success.


It wasn't about ticking off society's checkboxes; it was about my own inner joy and alignment.

My sensitivity, once perceived as a burden, became an intrinsic part of my Inner Compass. It guided me toward a more fulfilling and authentically-aligned life.

Through this journey, I developed such a depth of self-understanding, love, and trust—embracing my uniqueness and cultivating a lifestyle that honoured it.

Now, I support other HSPs in doing the same.


Join the movement and learn how to accept and celebrate the beautifully unique ways that HSPs experience the world.



  • ACC Accreditation, International Coaching Federation (2023)

  • Intuitive Intelligence Method Qualification (2023)

  • EQi 2.0/360 Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification (2023)

  • Coaching Foundations, BetterUp (2023)

  • Erickson Solution-Focused Coach Qualification (2022)

  • Mama Bliss Coaching Certification (2022)

  • Resilience Coaching Certification (2021)


  • Master of Business Administration, University of Ottawa (2016)

  • Bachelor of Science (Honours), University of Ottawa (2007)


My life story includes loss and rediscovery of self, mindset empowerment, multiple reconstructions of my identity, spiritual awakening, and inner compass activation.

It also includes all of the mundane human experiences that we're often quick to dismiss, but as I've come to learn, are where the beauty and the magic really exist.

I am learning to be present for all of life's moments, big and small.


Countless successes, failures and lessons throughout. 

It will be a lifelong journey of exploration and growth.


And I'm here for it all.

I live in Ottawa, Canada, with my husband of 12 years, Chris, and our beautiful boys, Max (8) and Theo (4). Outside of my coaching business, I have a passion for all kinds of creativity, especially watercolour painting and writing, and I find bliss through fresh cut flowers, yoga, nature, and cheese.

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